Volunteers are a time proven critical component in not only providing the labor needed for recovery but are also the financial savings necessary to reach full recovery for every disaster survivor who has little to no means of recovery on their own.

Funds are often limited in what is needed to fully fund the materials necessary to repair the disaster related damages in each home.  Volunteers allow those limited dollars to be stretched providing us the ability to serve far more disaster survivors than we could have with paid contractors.

Through our Volunteer and Project Management services we can serve your team of volunteers with any skill level at any project site around the state.  From no skill to highly skilled we can make your team successful in helping to make a home home again.  Our project managers are experienced contractors in home repair and specifically in disaster recovery.  They will work with you each day as needed to help you be successful on the project.

Our project managers will provide an orientation that explains the disaster we are responding to, the partnerships we are a part of, the repairs needed at the home, and necessary safety for the site, tools, and weather.  The project manager will deliver the materials and a ROAD tool trailer allowing you to start serving day one.

Through our Volunteer Management we will help your team find suitable lodging for your stay.  Common lodging hosts are local churches to the project site.  We help identify those with multiple rooms for sleeping, kitchens, showers, etc.  Often teams will need to bring cots or air mattresses, bedding, and toiletries.  Donations to the lodging host to cover utilities and paper goods is customary and coordinated directly between the team and the host.

If your team is traveling in an RV we are able to make those arrangements as well to ensure you have an appropriate space and service connections.

Please register your team today to join us on the disaster ROAD to recovery!

“Spring break was amazing! Our students had a blast and loved working with ROAD.  Thank you for all you did to help our students be successful.”

Scott, Oklahoma Church Mission Team

“We appreciate all the time you took instructing us in drywall installation, but especially for your patience! You made the work so much more fun! We had a great mission, and you made our time so much more meaningful. Thank you for all you do!”

Debbie, Oklahoma Church Mission Team

“Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your mission and see just a glimpse of the amazing work you do. The hands-on work and overall experience could not have been better.  Not one of us will ever be able to forget the wonderful work you do. Thank you & we hope to be involved again!”

Valerie, Oklahoma Church Mission Team

“Hallelujah we got you guys as our project manager. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for teaching us new skills.”

AmeriCorps Team, Colorado Campus

“Thank you so much for changing the lives of those served & those who serve.”

Tom, Carolina University Outreach

Join us on the disaster road